Standard Scope of Co-Managed IT Services

At PC Concepts, our Co-Managed IT Services are designed to provide comprehensive support, proactive management, and strategic collaboration to enhance the efficiency and reliability of your IT infrastructure. The standard scope of our Co-Managed Services includes:

1. Network User Management:

  • Management of user accounts, permissions, and access controls.
  • Oversight of account creation, modification, and deletion.
  • Definition and regulation of user permissions for security and access control.

2. Proactive Monitoring and Reporting:

  • Continuous monitoring of network infrastructure, servers, workstations, and critical applications.
  • Real-time performance analysis to identify and address potential issues before they impact operations.
  • Monthly reporting providing insights into system health, performance trends, and recommendations for improvement.
 3. Automated Optimization & Management:
  • Automated tasks to optimize system performance, including disk cleanup, temporary file removal, and system tuning.
  • Proactive management of resources to ensure efficient operation and prevent performance degradation.

4. Remote Hardware and Disk Space Monitoring:

  • Remote monitoring of hardware components, identifying potential failures or performance issues.
  • Ongoing monitoring of disk space usage, with timely alerts and proactive resolution.

5. Asset Management of Hardware and Software:

  • Comprehensive inventory tracking of managed hardware assets, including specifications and warranty information.
  • Software asset management, ensuring compliance with licensing agreements and timely updates.

6. IT Documentation:

  • Maintenance and documentation of IT infrastructure, configurations, and procedures.
  • Comprehensive recording and updating of configurations and setups.
  • Creation of a detailed repository for troubleshooting and future planning.

7. Customized Policies and Alerts:

  • Tailored policies based on your business needs, governing security settings, access controls, and system configurations.
  • Configurable alerts to notify both our team and your internal IT staff or appointed break-fix company about critical events and potential issues.

8. Key Application Management:

  • Identification and management of critical business applications.
  • Monitoring configurations, updates, and proactive patching of vulnerabilities.
  • Inclusion of three applications in the standard service, with the flexibility to add more based on business needs.

9. Managed Patches:

  • Timely application of security patches and updates to operating systems and software from our list of applications in our software repository. See our list of supported applications Software Repository
  • Testing of patches in a controlled environment before deployment to minimize disruptions.
  • Proactive management to ensure your systems are up-to-date and secure against potential vulnerabilities.

10. Hardware and Software Support

Supported Hardware

  • We provide support for a range of hardware devices used within the organization.

This includes:

  • Desktop computers
  • Laptops 
  • Servers 
  • Printers 
  • Networking equipment
  • Firewalls

Supported Software

  • We offer support for various software applications and operating systems.

The list includes:

  • Microsoft Windows (Windows 10 and above)
  • Microsoft Server (Server 2016 and above)
  • Microsoft Office Suite (Office 2016 and above)
  • Antivirus and security software
  • Productivity tools

Endpoints and Age Criteria

  • Endpoints that are more than 6 years old or running unsupported software may be subject to additional charges.

11. Managed Anti-Virus:

  • Configuration and monitoring.
  • Proactive approach to detecting and preventing potential threats.
  • Response and remediation for identified threats will be billable.
  • Clear communication and agreement on associated costs for response actions.
  • Operating Systems:

    Windows 10 32- and 64-bit
    Windows 11 64-bit
    Windows Server® 2016 Standard, Enterprise and Datacentre
    Windows Server® 2016 Essentials
    Windows Server® 2019 Standard Server with Desktop Experience
    Windows Server® 2019 Datacenter Server with Desktop Experience
    Windows Server® 2019 Essentials
    Windows Server® 2022 Standard Server with Desktop Experience
    Windows Server® 2022 Datacenter Server with Desktop Experience
    Windows Server® 2022 Essentials

    macOS 11 (Big Sur®) with Apple M-series ARM or Intel® processors
    macOS 12 (Monterey®) with Apple M-series ARM or Intel® processors
    macOS 13 (Ventura®) with Apple M-series ARM or Intel® processors

  • Browsers

    Google Chrome® 11 and newer
    Internet Explorer® version 11 and newer
    Microsoft Edge® 
    Mozilla Firefox® version 3.6 and newer
    Safari 5 and newer
    Opera 11 and newer

12. 24/7 Remote Monitoring:

  • Around-the-clock monitoring of critical systems, ensuring immediate response to any anomalies.
  • After-hours support for urgent issues, providing continuous protection for your IT environment.

13. Remote Support and Escalated On-Site Support:

  • Remote support for day-to-day tasks, jobs, or projects.
  • Escalated On-site support is available if critical issues arise and cannot be resolved remotely or by your appointed IT personnel, with clear communication and client approval.

14. Helpdesk Support:

  • Assistance with IT-related queries and issues through our helpdesk during standard business hours.

15. Review Meetings:

  • Quarterly review meetings to discuss overall IT performance, address concerns, and plan for future improvements.


While our Co-Managed Services cover a broad range of IT needs, there are specific scenarios that fall outside the standard scope and may result in billable time. These include escalated on-site support, assistance with non-covered software or hardware, special projects, and extensive support requirements.

Legal Considerations:

This document serves as an overview of the standard scope of our Co-Managed IT Services. Additional terms and details are outlined in our overarching Statement of Work by clicking on Learn more under each Service. Both parties agree to the terms presented herein.

For any questions or to discuss specific requirements, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Last Updated 01 February 2024

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