Included in Package:

User and Group Management

Efficient handling of moves, additions, and deletions for users, mailboxes,
distribution groups, public folders, and email addresses

Compliance Management

Utilize Compliance Score, Compliance Manager, and Secure Score for a comprehensive compliance strategy.

Policy Management

Configure and manage security settings, including anti-virus and anti-malware protection, data loss prevention,
data governance, eDiscovery, archiving, and retention/deletion policies based on the features available in your MS365 subscription.

Security, Identity, and Governance Monitoring


Multi-Factor Authentication
Single Sign-On
Self-service password reset
Condition Access
Cloud App Discovery

Teams/SharePoint Configuration

Configure presence and external availability, Managing Sites Archival, Deletion and Restore,
SharePoint and OneDrive Sharing and Access Control Policies (on demand migrations at an additional cost)


Monthly review and usage reports

Logging and Threat Analysis

Basic/Advanced Log Collection and Threat Analysis depending on MS365 Basic, Standard and Premium Subscription

Monitoring clients’ systems 24/7 to detect and log issues. With 14 days retention

On-demand Support (During Business hours)

On-demand Helpdesk support via your appointed Organizational Helpdesk User
or via the Helpdesk Portal. (depends on Co-managed subscription)
* Standard Remote Support Rates apply

Managed MS365

R30per user/month
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