Backup and Restore

Files and folders

Easily protect files and folders on Windows, Linux or macOS computers.
Compressed and encrypted, your data is kept safe until you need to restore it.

Fast and Secure Backups for




Incremental forever backups

Default file paths for quick selections

Encrypted and immutable Backups

Key Features to Protect your Data

Backup individual files or entire folders on Windows, Linux and macOS

One click inclusions for Windows Desktop, Documents folder and more

Backup files that are open or in use, using VSS to take a point-in-time snapshot

High performance incremental backups

Search for a specific item across all previous backup jobs

Restore individual or multiple items

Incremental backup technology enables cost-effective storage savings

Restore back as separate files, or compressed .zip or .tar.gz

Restore from any point in time

Restore to local PC

Restore any older version of any file, up to your configured retention policy

Client-side encryption

Proven security and transparency

Fast, secure, encrypted and incremental forever

Chunking is a leap forward for backup software from the status quo. Using client-side deduplication, data is broken into compressed, encrypted chunks creating bandwidth and storage space efficiency. Our backups are incremental forever and after the first backup, you’ll never have to re-upload the full file again.

The software we use is reliable, configurable and secure by design. With quarterly software releases, community input also drives our development roadmap.

Compressed and Encrypted

During backup, transit and rest. The only time it is unencrypted is during a restore.


Frequently Asked Questions about Files & Folders Backup

Will this allow me to recover my full system?

Files & Folders Protected Item type backs up files and folders on the device. For full system recovery, we recommend using our Disk Image addon to create a bootable disk image backup of the entire system.


Does it take up additional storage space to run a Disk Image backup as well as a Files and Folders backup on the same PC?

Our backups deduplicates all data that is backed up to the same Storage Vault. If you run a Disk Image backup and a Files & Folders backup to the same storage location, there is a very high amount of overlap that will be deduplicated together, reducing your total storage requirements.

Am I able to back up open files?

Yes, if you enable the “Take filesystem snapshot” checkbox. This checkbox is enabled by default, and takes a VSS snapshot that allows it to back up open and in-use files, from a consistent point-in-time snapshot of your disk.

On macOS and Linux, Comet will back up open files without any special configuration.

Where can I back up my data to?

You can backup to you own local drive storage and our cloud storage.

What are immutable backups?

Protect against ransomware or accidental deletions with free storage immutability. Backups are a favorite target of cybercriminals because encrypting both your primary systems and secondary backups increases the odds that you’ll pay their ransom. Our immutable storage makes it impossible for anyone to access, alter or delete your data stored for a set retention period (minimum 30 days), adding failsafe protection to your multilayered approach to cybersecurity.

Am I charged any egress or API call fees?

There are no additional fees for egress of API calls, so you get straightforward pricing that eliminates the guesswork associated with using AWS S3 and other hyperscale storage services. Test and restore your backups without fear of egress fees

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