Backup and Restore

Disk Image

Bare-metal backup and restoration of Windows partitions, workstations, laptops and servers direct from the cloud.

Fast and Secure Backups for

Restore your systems to


Disks & Partitions



Local Virtual

Cloud Server

Backup full images or partitions

Temporary spool space not required

Bare-metal restore via USB recovery media

Key Features to Protect your Data

Fast, bandwidth-efficient backups

Backup entire disk images, individual drives or partitions

Backup direct to cloud

Include unused sectors for forensic backups, or exclude for space efficiency

Incremental and scheduled backups

Temporary spool space not required

Restore disks or partitions back to any disk of the same or greater size

Restore files or folders individually

Restore as virtual disk files (.vmdk)

Restore to the same device or a different device

Restore to local virtual machine or a cloud server

USB recovery media for bare-metal restorations

Proven security and transparency

Fast, secure, encrypted and incremental forever

Chunking is a leap forward for backup software from the status quo. Using client-side deduplication, data is broken into compressed, encrypted chunks creating bandwidth and storage space efficiency. Our backups are incremental forever and after the first backup, you’ll never have to re-upload the full file again.

The software we use is reliable, configurable and secure by design. With quarterly software releases, community input also drives our development roadmap.

Compressed and Encrypted

During backup, transit and rest. The only time it is unencrypted is during a restore.


Frequently Asked Questions about Files & Folders Backup

Can I backup to local, network, NAS, external drive, or the cloud?

Yes, all of those storage locations are supported.

Can I run multiple backups (Disk Image and Files & Folders backups) on the same machine at the same time?

Yes, we support running multiple backup jobs simultaneously, to the same or different storage locations.

Does Disk Imaging also work for Windows Servers?

Yes, the Disk Image backup will work on most newer versions of Windows Server.

The minimum requirements are:

Windows Server 2016 or newer

For USB recovery, can the image be downloaded from the server during the restore process?

The USB Recovery option allows you to boot into a minimal Windows-like environment. Log-in to the user profile account, download the backed-up Disk Image from the storage location, and write it to the hard disks of the connected machine. This is a bare-metal type recovery.

Can I restore the full disk to an external drive for cloning?

Yes, however the destination device needs to be as large as the original. You can also restore as .VMDK file format, which allows mounting in many different virtual machine programs (VirtualBox, QEMu, and so forth).

Am I charged any egress or API call fees?

There are no additional fees for egress of API calls, so you get straightforward pricing that eliminates the guesswork associated with using AWS S3 and other hyperscale storage services. Test and restore your backups without fear of egress fees

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