Webroot™ Business Endpoint Protection

Advanced machine learning and cloud-based protection

  • Multi-vector protection against malicious files, scripts, exploits and URLs

  • Remote policy definition and management

  • Precision monitoring and roll-back capabilities for auto-restoring of infected files

Webroot Endpoint Protection

Collective threat intelligence

  • Powered by advanced machine learning
  • Predictive analytics provides automated protection against zero-day threats
  • Requires minimal human interaction

Superior speed and efficiency

  • Nimble agent designed for minimal footprint and system performance impact
  • Easy to deploy and installs in seconds
  • Ultra-fast scans

Cloud-based architecture

  • Continuously correlates and analyzes data from 95+ million sensors
  • Access to advanced computing power

Powerful protection. Easy recovery. That’s cyber resilience

What is Endpoint Protection?

Endpoint protection, also known as endpoint security, encompasses a suite of cybersecurity services designed for various network endpoints. These include laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, servers, and virtual environments. Our comprehensive endpoint protection services go beyond conventional antivirus measures, extending to advanced antimalware tools, web filtering, and more. Elevate your cybersecurity strategy by safeguarding every point of access to your network with our cutting-edge endpoint protection solutions.


The Significance of Endpoint Protection

In the face of relentless cyber threats, businesses, regardless of their size, find themselves in a constant battle. The surge in the frequency and speed of attacks necessitates a robust defense against malware, ransomware, phishing, and other malicious assaults targeting both users and systems.

Addressing these challenges head-on, Webroot Endpoint Protection emerges as the solution. Armed with an award-winning management console, it offers comprehensive protection that seamlessly integrates with an organization’s cyber resilience strategy. Leveraging the potency of cloud computing and real-time machine learning, Webroot ensures continuous monitoring and adaptive endpoint defenses, fortifying your security posture against evolving threats.


Frequently Asked Questions about Business Endpoint Protection

Question 1

Files & Folders Protected Item type backs up files and folders on the device. For full system recovery, we recommend using our Disk Image addon to create a bootable disk image backup of the entire system.


Question 2

Our backups deduplicates all data that is backed up to the same Storage Vault. If you run a Disk Image backup and a Files & Folders backup to the same storage location, there is a very high amount of overlap that will be deduplicated together, reducing your total storage requirements.

Question 3

Yes, if you enable the “Take filesystem snapshot” checkbox. This checkbox is enabled by default, and takes a VSS snapshot that allows it to back up open and in-use files, from a consistent point-in-time snapshot of your disk.

On macOS and Linux, Comet will back up open files without any special configuration.

Question 4

You can backup to you own local drive storage and our cloud storage.

Question 5

Protect against ransomware or accidental deletions with free storage immutability. Backups are a favorite target of cybercriminals because encrypting both your primary systems and secondary backups increases the odds that you’ll pay their ransom. Our immutable storage makes it impossible for anyone to access, alter or delete your data stored for a set retention period (minimum 30 days), adding failsafe protection to your multilayered approach to cybersecurity.

Question 6

There are no additional fees for egress of API calls, so you get straightforward pricing that eliminates the guesswork associated with using AWS S3 and other hyperscale storage services. Test and restore your backups without fear of egress fees

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